Hume Dust Collector

Cigarette Fume(Odor) Eliminator(CFE Series)

As an Eliminator using corona discharge, it perfectly eliminates cigarette fume and odor in smoking room.

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Principle of Antistatic filter
Flowed in pollutant’s big-particles mostly collected in Pre-Filter, small-particles are collected (+) in lonizer. It pass through antistatic filter and collected in dust collection part.





icon_num01.gif Dust collection of more than 98% of 0.01㎛ particles. (Cigarette Fume : 0.3)
icon_num02.gif Quiet operation is possible(58dB)
icon_num03.gif Helpful for human body because of anion release
icon_num04.gif Convenient movement is possible because of Caster.
icon_num05.gifAs a table type, it has structure collecting in the top and purify clean air.




ㆍSmoking room ㆍmeeting room etc.
pd_wep3.jpg pd_wep4.jpg pd_wep5.jpg
[Power Suppory]
[Collector Cell]
Alternating Current(AC) -> Direct Current -> As a high voltage booster using 2-stage. Created 10-12kw in ion part, 5~6kv in collecting part It’s has electronic feature that generates high-density magnetic field and it collects the particle during entering air. Discharge plate has SUS material that has strong for corrosion. And don’t have to worry about disconnection because of using Spiked Type not a Wire Type The particles charged on Ionizer are collected, even a fine particle using reverse polarity by electrical power. Liquid particles flow from gravity when collecting.