Oil Mist Collector

Portable Oil Mist Collector(MK Series)

Eessential Tool for machine tools that clear-removal for oil mist has water solubility & water insoluble.

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icon_num01.gif Excellent for collection
Collected air has excellent dust collection ability because of rotational collision
icon_num02.gifQuiet Operation
It designed discharged air flows in the inner section as a sound-proof type
icon_num03.gifUsing self-developing filter that has excellent for efficiency of filtration
. It perfectly removes the mist using double-structure filter which suitable for removal of mist.
icon_num04.gifConvenient replacement of filter
Only unlocking, it designed for easy replacement of filter and maintenance
Model MK-2000 MK-3000
Output(Kw) 0.75 1.5
Air Flow
50Hz 7 13
60Hz 8.5 16
50Hz 110 110
60Hz 150 150
Filter 1st Φ300 Φ350
2dn 300×300×100T 350×350×100T
Inlet Φ125 Φ150
Size(A×B×C) 410×410×760 480×480×940
Weight(Kg)  135 150